Adidas Ace Ultimate Goalkeeper Gloves Review



RATING: 6.5/10

*Ultimate Grip

Adidas have made these gloves to stick. They provide outstanding grip to the ball and slippage is minimal. These gloves can handle any weather condition with ease. The FINGERSAVE is built in the finger slots for ultimate protection for all aggressive plays.

*Superior Comfort

With Evo Zone technology and two different types of foam on the palm, this glove is different than others on the market and is extremely comfortable. The black foam on the fingers has more grip then the one used on the palm, and the foam on the palm absorbs the pressure of impact. Containing two different types of foam on the gloves gives goalkeepers the best of both worlds; comfort and grip.

*NOT Durable

Although the gloves are supposed to be built to last, these are NOT durable at all. Especially, if you are a competitive player. There was some extra padding on the inner palm, but that unraveled easily and the foam by the finger savers was crumbling off after a few games. The top part of the glove is fine, but that is hardly ever used.


  • Evo Zone Tech engineered palm for a comfortable fit
  • FINGERSAVE® spines strengthen and resist pressure when pushed backward for more effective ball deflection; All spines are separately exchangeable
  • Specifically engineered zones on gloves designed to help maximize performance
  • Specially cut for maximized contact area in all catching motions
  • Removable wrist element stabilizes and supports the wrist in catching and diving motions; Close-fitting bandage with no restrictive seams for perfect fit
  • 68% latex / 32% elastane foam


Adidas Ace Ultimate Goalkeeper Gloves
Adidas Ace Ultimate Goalkeeper Glove (Right)
Adidas Ace Ultimate Goalkeeper Glove (Left)


Adidas Ace Ultimate Goalkeeper Glove (Right)
Adidas Ace Ultimate Goalkeeper Glove (Left)



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